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An inspection of Educare Small School was carried out by Ofsted on June 18, 2013.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:-

The quality of teaching in the Kindergarten is outstanding.  Teachers, and other adults, interact very skilfully with children and make very good use of the indoor and refurbished outdoor learning spaces.  As a result, children are visibly excited by, and completely absorbed in, learning.

Pupils enjoy learning and are given frequent opportunities to be creative.  Their art work, exhibited throughout the school, is of a high standard, and demonstrates pupils' creative flair.

All parents and carers who responded to Parent View agree that their child is happy at school.  Many parents and carers also told the inspector that the school feels like 'a big family.'

Pupils demonstrate good moral development through their consistently good behaviour.  Pupils also form positive relationships with each other and with adults, demonstrating their development of good social skills.  Pupils' spiritual development is outstanding.  Frequent moments of reflection, calm, and guided movement during the day, often to music, help pupils to become very aware of themselves and of others around them, and to feel completely at ease with their surroundings.  

To read the full report please click - Ofsted Report June 2013

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